Monday, April 7, 2008

Sun Signs Part II

Last week I was meditating, looking for guidance as to where I have to direct my efforts in terms of creating income for my family - because my interpreting agency has been "on life support" since November. Just as I joined my palms for praying, my phone rang. It was my dear friend and neighbor. She said, "Ella, I know you don't do astrology readings anymore, but could you make exception for me and my daughter?"
Well, I guess, I've got my answer!
"Sure", I said. "I certainly do readings from now on!"
And I am changing my profile on my blog to let everyone know!
Interestingly, a few days prior, I have received a request to write about Sun signs.
So I am continuing the saga of sun signs.
I've got 2 comments from "cusp" people on my previous post.
Personally, I don't believe that Sun sign can acquire characteristics of 2 sign because it is close by degree to a next sign. I think it is comparable to someone near Canada border: even if you are 1 step away from it, you are still in the USA. However, once you cross the thin line, you are in another country, and would have to abide Canada laws now.
Sun, Moon and planets are like that. They are travelers (even the very word "planet" means "a traveler" in ancient Greek) that go from one sign to another like from one country to another.
But, like I said before, we are so much more then just sun signs. Our psychological makeup is a composite of many signs characteristics. People with a Sun sign in Taurus but Moon in Sagittarius may feel more like a Sagittarius sometimes than a Taurus. Rising sign in a chart is another very strong energy that may describe the person well.
The reason Sun signs are so popular and well known is because they are most easily determined - one does not need a chart made in order to find out in what sign the Sun was at the time of their birth.
If we get 10 people with the same Sun sign in one room, however, we would immediately see how different they are from each other.
That's because no people can be born at exactly same time at exactly same place.
Even twins born by a C-section are born from 1 to 5 minutes apart - enough to create subtle differences in their psychological makeup and subsequent lives.
In my family, there are 2 identical twins born 7 minutes apart: only people that know them well can tell them apart. They fell in love and married at the same time, had sons born on the same day, got serious kidney disease (pielonephritus) that is neither infectious nor genetic in nature at the same time, and so on. But only one of them got divorced, re-married and then widowed. 7 minutes of birth time difference was enough to shift her Uranus close to the 8th house and wreck her marriages.
Sun signs do not describe us completely. They simply supply some important characteristics that are part of the mosaic that our charts are.

LEO: Leo energy is a fire energy that is fixed (stable). Since Sun rules it, the Sun's energies are added to the mix. The Sun's energy is creative and centrifugal (i.e. it radiates out). It is very similar to fire, being hot and high in vibrations.
The higher are vibrations, the more we have access to intuition and inspiration. All fire signs are self-motivated (inspired) independent and intuitive people.
Intuition here should not be confused with sensitivity of water people, which is more psychic / receptive in nature. In fact, fire people are often unable to pick cues from their environment - so taken they are with their own inspirations. They may even seem unkind sometimes, because they are deficient in receptivity.
But if one would say openly to them, "hello! I need help!", the fire people would gladly put all their formidable energies into helping that soul. So don't be bashful when dealing with fire signs!
Leos may seem even more self-centered than other fire signs, because the Sun represent our conscious selves, and that's where it directs Leo energies.
Leos tend to be quite firm (fixed) in knowing who they are, what they want and how they want it. They are the kings and queens of the Zodiac.
They grew up being the apple of their father's eye (the Sun represents the father) who delighted in granting them their desires. This is what they are used to, and often expect other people to continue spoiling them :-))
VIRGO: Virgo's energy is completely different. This sign's energies are not even congruent with each other! The sign's energy is earth - very slow vibrations that act like gravitational pull. But it is ruled by Mercury, whose energies are mental and vibrate with the frequency of air energy!
Since Virgo's mode is mutable (2 poles), Virgos would like to detach themselves from a subject matter so they could analyze and intellectualize it (Mercury), but the earth energy pulls them right back in.
So what they are analyzing are the minute details of a subject matter without seeing the whole picture. It is as if Virgo were standing by the Great Wall of China with their nose to the wall. Unable to see the magnificence of the whole structure, they see instead the minute cracks and nooks. Of course, they panic: "The Great Wall is cracking! It's about to fall!". Then they criticize: "What's wrong with you, people?! Can't you see the Wall is falling?! Why are you just standing there, not doing anything to fix it?!" Then they roll their sleeves up and go on fixing every crack they see - and they see many with their nose to the wall!
So that's how Virgos got their reputation of being very nervous critical people who are good at fixing details.
LIBRA: Libra is another strange field of incongruent energies. It's made up of air (mental, fast vibrations) energy with cardinal mode (fast flow), but it is ruled by placid Venus which is akin to huge magnet and does not like to move at all.
So Libras are trying to create an equilibrium, trying to balance all sides of their incongruent selves, and are so used to it that they are trying to do the same for others.
In fact, air makes them social creatures, who are very attracted (Venus) to other people, and may even value (Venus) them more than themselves. That's why the Sun that represents our selves is in detriment in Libra. Libras do not trust themselves to stand alone. They need other people in order to maintain the balance. Have you ever seen a Libra who is a loner?
Like their Venusian counterparts, Tauruses, Libras like to go to restaurants. But it is not the food they are into. They like the ambiance. Like Tauruses, they are into beautiful things. But creature comforts are the last on their list. They do great sacrifices for beauty: endure pain of beauty salon procedures, plastic surgeries, discomfort of tight clothes and shoes, etc..
But we love them, because they are so good at putting us at ease and creating peaceful beautiful environment wherever they are!
SCORPIO: Scorpios are also into sacrifices, but for completely different reasons.
Scorpio's energy field is made of water (receptive, low vibrations) and Plutonian energies (compulsive, obsessive, digging to get to the bottom of things) energies.
The Scorpio mode is fixed. So whatever gets into Scorpio water stays there. Scorpios' memories are long. Pluto makes them dig and dig again into the endless pool of all the slights, sorrows, grudges, etc. that they have received, until they find their personal power (Pluto represents Power in our archetypal self) and transform that dirty cess-pool into clear living water. That's why another totem for Scorpio is Phoenix.
Until then, however, they are likely to look for power by manipulating other people. So keep your secret weaknesses away from Scorpio's prying eyes!

to be continued...