Monday, March 31, 2008

Sun Signs

We are so much more than our sun signs!
Exact time and place of our birth creates the unique characters we come to play in the Great Epic of Life on Earth. Then stars and planets carefully time each chapter of our lives, while karma weaves in the people and situations we must deal with.
But, of course, people with the same sun signs share similar traits, and here they are:
ARIES: Aries is the sign composed of energies (vibrations) of fire and Mars. Both energies are similar in nature: fast and impulsive. Mars vibrates the physical energy in our body, allowing movement, so we can either get what we want or repulse what we don't want. Together, these energies create a rather aggressive field. Moreover, the mode of this sign is cardinal, which creates constant fast motion.
Sun, whose energies represent our self-identity and conscious desires, is exalted in Aries, because our desires are more likely to be fulfilled if we pursue them aggressively. A timid Aries is a rare phenomenon. But even then, we would never know that, as no Aries would dare to act timid!
People with Aries sign tend to be always in the rush, and on the go. They are the doers of Zodiac, with so many projects on their huge to-do list, that they need other Zodiacal energies to complete any of them.
Since fire, Mars and Sun are all yang (male) energies, even Aries women are male chauvinists! It's a MACHO sign!
TAURUS: Taurus is composed of earth energy (very slow) and Venusian energy (similar to a stationary magnet with great power of attraction). So it is a sign of very slow steady energies. Moreover, the mode is fixed.
That means that any movement, any change creates anxiety. People with Taurus Sun signs desire stability. Venusian energies add champaign taste, and earth energy gives plenty of common sense. So Taurus people are material creatures with great penchant for comfort and luxury. Combination of Venusian and earth energies creates great sensuality and tactile senses are heightened. "Stop and smell the roses" is Taurus motto.
GEMINI: This sign's energy is composed of air (mental energy of moderately fast vibrations)and Mercurial (mental)energies. The mode is mutable, which gives Gemini energy field two poles, and energy moves from one pole to another.
So Gemini is a doubly mental energy, making people with Gemini sun signs intellectual, flexible, and capable of seeing both sides of any issue.
Mercury represents the little computer in our head, with our brain being the CPU, and the central nervous system acting as the "Intel" chip. That's why Geminis are nervous high-strung types.
But Mercury the Greek God is also forever young. So Geminis tend to stay young in body and mind well into their old age. They are the Peter Pans of the Zodiac, forever curious, forever young at heart.
CANCER: This energy is composed of water (moderately slow vibrations allowing for greater sensitivity) and Moon energy that represents our Astral body,the keeper of memories and feelings. Cardinal mode here creates constant e-motion (fast moving feelings) that are highly responsive (sensitive) to the environment.
Of course, that makes Cancerians to be highly emotional sensitive people.
Like all water people, they are highly insecure.
The Moon dictates our needs and attachments, so Cancerians are needy and get too easily emotionally attached.
But the Moon also represents the archetypal Mother, the main provider for our needs.
Since the Sun represents our identity, which we tend to model on the father figure, many Cancerians lacked the available father figure in early childhood, so they have modeled their self-identity on the mother, and even men are the mothering types!
To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! :-) I think I got a little bit of trait from both Gemini and Cancer, that may explain the highly difficult balancing I had to do between the intellect and the emotion. Hard to conquer both worlds, but really rewarding too when you get the hang of it. Maybe that's also why I got interested in what I call as TRANSMUTATION, the change or transition that occurs from the convergence of two different paths. This is also what a Shaman (in ancient Philippines) usually does, connect the material with the spiritual, achieve healing in the physical and at the same time move on to greater heights in things unseen and infinite. "Mabuhay!"

Hennie Grove said...

Hey there Ella.

You went through the trouble of reading my blog, so I am just returning the favor!

I have read some posts on your blog and I find it very interesting and fun to read. I don't know that much about starsigns so I am learning something new.

I fall right between Aries and Taurus. One time I am an Aries and the other time I am a Taurus, depending on which book you read. If I am not mistaken this is called the cusp? I recognize some traits of Aries in myself and also some traits of Taurus. Then agian, I might just be weird!

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