Thursday, March 20, 2008

True Purpose of Life

Unfortunately, we tend to think about these types of topics only when life gets us hard.
So, I have been down on my luck lately, and, of course, have been thinking about my life and life in general.
And this is what I came up with:
1) Life is a tough game: you either do or die :-)
Why do we do it then? (assuming we are Divine Souls, made in the image of God and, therefore, perfect)
My thinking is: for thrills.
Long ago I asked someone who went mountain climbing for the first time, "How was it?"
"Terror, pure terror", he answered, joyfully smiling.
I was not sure then, if he smiled from the joy of making down alive or if he enjoyed remembering his terror. Now I think it was both.
I am one of very rare people who actually remember some of their past lives.
When I was a child, I clearly remembered little bits and pieces of my previous life. I just did not know what to make of it then, since, while I knew it was my life, it was seemingly completely incongruent with my present life. Then, when I was 18 y.o., sitting at my friend's apartment and listening to Jesus Christ Super Star, I was suddenly flooded with memories of that life, and I finally knew where to place my incongruent childhood memories.
Afterwards, I was able to remember additional 26 lives of mine. Some I remembered on my own, some - with the help of my friends hypnotists who also liked the thrill of past life regressions.
One of these 27 lives was perfect: I was rich, surrounded by splendor and had a nice wife whom I admired (yes, I was a man in that life). Everything seemed to go just right for me then, and that was the only life I remember where I died peacefully, in my bed, from the old age.
But I also remember, how I would look longingly to the always chapped sea below my castle, craving for some kind of adventure that completely eluded me. I think, I was ultimately bored during that life :-)
Well, my present life is certainly not boring, and I find it to be the ultimate adventure just living day to day, and I long for riches, splendor and peace...:-)
And I have to remind myself from time to time about what I am really doing here:
2) Rediscovering my Divinity - the ultimate individual purpose of living souls.
Yes, I do think that life is a game, spanning hundreds of lives, where we go from Level 1 - where we identify ourselves with a little character we are playing in that particular life, to the Level 2 - where we begin to identify ourselves as souls, playing different characters in the long epic of Life, to the Level 3, where we identify ourselves with the Divine All There Is and become it.
I am on Level 2 now: I am nowhere near in charge of my Divinity, but I already know myself to be a soul with many lives and characters, different names, nationalities and genders, talents and faults, playing in a Story that my karma is weaving into the Epic of Life.
Does it make living any easier? Somewhat. After all, now I can always say to myself with absolute certainty: "It's only a life". I am looking at life now like at mountain skiing that I enjoy so much: there are easy slopes and challenging slopes, and the more advanced we are, the more we aim at challenging ones. Sometimes, challenge is too much, and, once down, we may head straight to the bar for a steep drink to calm the nerves. Sometimes, we don't even make it down. But, once we heal, we go right back skiing the diamonds.
Because we want to touch the sky and smile, remembering our past terror joyfully.
And, sometimes, when living becomes very, very hard - like now, I have to remind myself that
3) ULTIMATELY I am playing this game for God.
After all, He created this huge ultimate virtual reality we call Life on Earth for His pleasure, and pleasing God is The Best There Is.
4)"It is all about love," as Jesus Christ said in a dream to a long lost friend of mine when she was 12 y.o. child.
She told me about that dream, her eyes gleaming with vivid memory of it, when she was in her early 40s. Those of us who have had dreams like this know that they never fade away, because they are more real than our waking reality.
Did Jesus mean the limited human love of a "I love you, so you better love me back and fulfill my dreams, or I will hate and hurt you" variety?
You are probably waiting for me to say "No":-)
But, I think, yes, because, however imperfect that love might be, it is still a link to the nature of the Divine that we harbor somewhere within ourselves.
Of course, the Divine Love is different. It nurtures and cares with no strings attached.
The way we love our children is the closest we come to that kind of love.
Maybe the very reason we love and enjoy our kids so much is that we expect so little in return. Just think of newborns: they cannot even smile back at us for the first few weeks. All they do is sleep, cry, eat and poop. And their needs are so overwhelming, that we have no time to sleep, eat or poop.
Yet, as we put our own needs aside, we marvel at every crease of their skin, at every sound that they make, and our hearts leap with pride and joy at their tiniest achievements - turning over, grasping a toy, etc. Suddenly, with strings of our needs falling away, our hearts are free to love fully and completely - just like God loves us!
There is nothing sweeter or greater than this realization.
Because it contains the true reason for the whole great game of mirrors we call manifestations, or Maya, or life on planet Earth - The Love needs to love, and so God has created us for that very purpose.
So, in my hour of adversity (and life needs adversity from time to time - but more on that some time later), I am reminding myself that I am Loved and Cared for, that I am never alone.
In fact, somewhere at the very root of my being I even sense my Oneness. But I am also enjoying my separateness, because this way I am entwined with Love, able to experience It fully.


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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I've included you in my blogroll and I'm glad to have included a site with a theme in astrology. I've read some of your posts and I agree with you that everybody seems to be writing and selling nowadays, nobody's reading. I'd like to say that I'm one of those who still reads and I look forward to your posts. Could it be possible that you can also include a bit about each zodiac sign in your blog so we can read them? I'm particularly interested about the personality traits of each zodiac. By the way, I'm a GEMINI, though my day of birth almost approached CANCER. :-)


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Thank you for your wonderful comment.
And just for you, I am creating a new post about sun signs!

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Nice! Thanks much :-)