Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I've got me a kindle! No more spending $2 hard earned dollars on huge bulky New York Times and then suffer all that mess of newspaper pages all over my space, particularly when this space is a tiny seat on the subway, with my newspaper encroaching on fellow passengers' laps! Now New York Times costs me under $15/yr, and I am going green, baby, saving all those trees in the Rain Forest.
I am also thinking how great it is going to be when I go to the summer cottage for 3 weeks, and I would not have to lag all those heavy books with me! Or when I go on the plane, and my tiny light kindle is all I'd need to bring with me instead of books, magazines, etc!...
Everyone, do yourself a favor, get yourself one: KINDLE: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device
And, of course, after filling my mind with news, I've got myself thinking:
What the %#@! is wrong with you, America?!
Don't my fellow country-men know that every nation on Earth gets itself a government it truly deserves? And look what we've got now!
In just under 7 years, Bush administration managed to destroy our economy, democracy and whatever itsy-bitsy good will we had in the world.
Why? Karma! We had almost impeached a perfectly good president for no good reason whatsoever! Why should we care where our president's dick is if he rules with his other head?
This does not apply to Bush Jr., of course, because he rules with Cheney's head. In this case, maybe, we should worry about where his whatever is.
But, strangely, we don't worry. We are not even thinking about impeaching our dick of the state because he is a war criminal (Iraq), inept (hurricane Katrina)or that he indebted our nation to, perhaps, the only true potential enemy we have (China).
Maybe, because we are not thinking, period. We are entertained by the news on TV, where pretty anchors relish tidbits of political campaigns which they treat like a boxing match.
We don't even know for the most part what the candidates are campaigning about.
I actually took the time, and checked websites of Clinton, Obama, and McCain to see what they stand for, and what they promise.
I, by the way, became a registered democrat during the Clinton impeachment mini-series, promising to myself that from now on I would vote only for democrats out of sheer principle.
I am about to break this promise.
I was never a fan of Hillary Clinton. Let's face it: she does not inspire warm feelings. But I like what she wants to do for this country and how sincerely (rare political trait) she wants to do it. On top of it, her every promise is backed by detailed plans that appear to be doable and fair.
Besides, in my mind, her candidacy always carried an extra bonus of her charismatic husband with brilliant upper head.
But I am not going to vote for her.
Because she wants to withdraw from Iraq before we cleaned up a mess we made there.
My dear fellow Americans, what kind of good will may we possibly have in the world, if we destroy a country for no better reason than oil it has, leave its citizens destitute and in mortal danger on everyday basis, without viable governance and any hope for the future? How's that for Karma?
Yes, I am going to vote for McCaine, the evil Republican, and not because he feels some moral obligation towards citizens of Iraq, but because he wants our army remain there (for whatever reason), so it can help to reconstruct that poor country - and I do feel moral obligation towards it, even though I marched in every rally against the Iraq war.
But America is going to vote for Obama, a guy, who is offering it such a huge socialistic dream, he could not possibly fulfill one tenth of it. I feel bad for all his followers, particularly African-Americans who really think we are "turning the page". Since all Obama is doing is feeding America the unfulfillable empty promises, all the excitement that is following his campaign is going to turn into huge disappointments.
But America is going to vote for Obama. What a bummer!...

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