Monday, February 25, 2008

Sun Problems

I've got Western Astrology under the belt long time ago. In fact, I have been such a good Western Astrologer that for 9 years I was able to make a pretty good living doing what I love without writing books or even advertising - strictly through the word of mouth.
By the end of 1990s, I thought I've got Vedic Astrology under my belt as well, and started using Vedic Astrology in my forecastings for clients.
Of course, I have always been my #1 client. And, as of lately, I've failed myself.
Vedic Astrology has attracted me long ago by being able to predict whole periods (in chunks of many years) with unfailing (so far) accuracy - but then astrological predictions are only as good as the knowledge of the astrologer who is making them.
Personally, for the last 20 years I lived through my Venus period.
As the ruler of my 11th house of opportunities located in my 10th house of career in my Vedic chart, Venus has been my success planet.
Appropriately, this period started in 1986 during my last semester in college. You can say that practically all my adult life I was under my success star (up to now).
And it's true, up to now I have been successful in all my endeavors. No, I am not rich or famous.
But I have been able to eke a decent living doing what I like and living the way I like.
It has not been all bed of roses. My father died during this period, I cried through the end of my first marriage and few other heartbreaks.
Professionally, however, I was doing well even though I changed my money making venues from time to time as my life was turning one way or the other.
Finally, my Venus period ended in December of 2006, and I have entered my Sun period.
I anticipated this change. My Sun is the money planet in my Vedic chart. It rules the 2nd house of finances and is located in the 11th house of opportunities and gains.
I expected nothing less but monetary windfall. My Sun is relatively strong (it is a Vargottama - for those who speak Vedic) and is nicely aspected.
Of course, I realized that I needed to prepare the way for big money to come in. So in my last year of Venus period I cooked up an idea of big business and went straight for it.
But as soon as my Sun period began, my big business plans went bust, I got seriously ill (pneumonia) and separated from my second husband.
As an astrologer, I had all these possibilities in mind. Sun is a separative planet in general, and as a ruler of the 2nd house, it can kill either me or someone in my family (or both). But I am an optimist and always hope for the best.
Besides, pneumonia did not kill me (it came close though), the end of big business dreams did not hurt all that much, and separation from my husband came as a great relief.
I was still making good money with the business I started 8 years ago, in my 5th month of pregnancy, when I realized that my evenings and weekends must belong to my family and I could no longer do astrology as business.
But I have almost lost that business too at the end of last October, as my major client suddenly went bust.
Now, 4 months later, my business is barely alive, money is scarce, and so are my hopes for a sunny Sun period.... Where did I go wrong? All good Vedic astrologers out there, any thoughts on this Sun problems?

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Loonsounds said...

Hey, I am feeling for you! During Venus dasa from age early 20...everything began to flow and flow and flow. What a change from the Ketu dasa, you have no idea how awful my life was during ketu. All of this is retrospective, of course I knew nothing of vedic astrology, I'm from the US. But once I started reading it and was SO amazing.

But back to the flowing of venus dasa...Cash, career, luck, fairy tale professional appointments and promotions, fairy tale marriage to knight in shining armor, list goes on and on. There were times when I had more money than I knew what to do with. Money was never a problem during Venus dasa. (Venus Exlted in Pisces in the 1st house, Venus rules 3& 8 (Saturn exalted in 8th) which might be counter-intuitive, but that is what happened. Venus is a benefic planet!

As soon as sun dasa hit (and this was before I began to study vedic) it did not take 2 years for me to lose every single thing I owned and/or had. First went the job, then the marriage of 16 years, then the professional reputation and entire career all based on something political, then all of my household possessions including antiques I had collected from my grandparents over the years, the death of my 16 year old beloved Siberian Husky and the repossession of my new toyota four runner which I left in the parking lot of the airport when I left for India to renounce the world.

I almost died too, but for me it was because I almost committed suicide. It was so, so close. I had it all planned out. The saving grace (and I must have had some good karma from somewhere) is when I experienced a SUDDEN and deeply profound spiritual awakening, (along the lines of Tolle in 'The Power of Now') and it followed after the suicide plan and THAT made the remainder of Sun dasa bearable. Nothing else would have, trust me.

And it was because, post awakening, nothing mattered anymore in the same way than it had before the awakening. But again on death, it was a total death of sorts again, because my whole life changed and I no longer identified with 'self' in the same way, so it is as if my former 'self' died (was gone, never was) and in a strange twist of irony, I experienced blissful Nirvana during this Dasa of tremendous suffering.

But as for money, that was the worst part of Sun Dasa. I was pretty much flat broke throughout all of Sun dasa. Homeless at some points, dependent on small handouts from family and my ex and a tiny income, barely enough to live on, and I am a professional person with a Ph.D!

Wandering here and there, rather aimlessly wandering through foreign countries. My lowest points in life, money wise post leaving home ... definitely during Sun Dasa, and by low I do mean LOW. Sometimes not knowing where I would stay that night! Sun dasa gave me a terrible sex life, and I had wonderful wonderful sex life during Venus and Ketu. Sun was EW!

Retrospectively looking at these points in my life of change and Dasas, that is when I truly came to realize that the Sun is truly a Hot Harsh Malefic planet, as my sun is Exalted in Aries, which makes it even stronger and meaner, and it combusts Mercury in Aries, in the second house, and it receives the aspect of Saturn from the 8th house.

Since Malefic Saturn R opposes Mercury within a few degrees only (applying), and Malefic Sun combusts it, Mercury is the weakest planet in my chart, so it is as if the sun has two malefics on it, while itself being malefic also! No wonder!

All matters of my 2nd house are dubious at best anyway. Sun RULES the 6th house. wow, am I ever a believer in Vedic Astrology now. Luckily, Sun dasa is short, very short, hang in there and see what happens!!!!!

Moon dasa came, and the money came back almost immediately and has gradually increased in the 3 years I've been in Moon (Moon rules the 5th, which is cancer, so moon is in it's own sign, but an "evil" nakshatra, Ashlesha). Moon (Cancer) has the aspect of Saturn (Libra), and I have Moon/Saturn coming up on August 1st...not quite sure what to expect with that, but anyway.

In the 3 years I've been in Moon dasa my housing has upgraded each year to the point that I now rent a nice 2 bedroom house where I live, by preference, blissfully alone and independent. Who knows, if it keeps up like this, I may even become a home owner during Moon dasa. So far, not sure about the sex life returning to pre-sun, but somehow I think that it will. My baseline is great sex, I can't imagine one dasa can kill sex forever.

But anyway, as I said, I feel for you, the utmost compassion. Yours may not be so bad as it does not rule 6 8 or 12, is in 11 which is supposed to be a good place for all malefics, but the sun is malefic, and people are going to feel that dasa, unless, perhaps, it is their rising sign.

However, in one sense it was the best dasa of my life because of that spiritual awakening so powerful it was like a partial enlightenment and I am hoping for even more in the spiritual arena.

The very best part of the spiritual awakening? I totally lost my fear of death. There is no greater gift. It happened during Sun/Moon.

I have heard that people rarely actually die during the dasa of a luminary, and some research I'm doing really tends to back that up. Deaths during Sun or Moon dasa are very rare. They happen, but they are so rare that I almost question the accuracy of my data when I see one.

You have some mantras, right? (this is my first visit to this blog)

Here is one I love

With loving reverence we bow to the sun.
Whose exhilation brought the world into being
And whose inhilation withdraws it from existence.
When you rise, all beings awaken from the slumber of ignorance
When you are at your zenith, all beings attain the fulfillment of wisdom
When you set, all beings withdraw into their undying nature.
Your glory is all pervading!

All the best,