Sunday, February 24, 2008

web 2.0

I must confess, I am totally new to the web 2.0.
I've joined a few networking sites in hopes of making some meaningful contacts, to promote my blog, and...
Everyone is a writer. There are no readers. Everyone is selling something, mostly scams.
Spam is filling every discussion, and groups seem to exist to multiply this spam.
Every "networking site" tries to emulate My Space, which is also filled with spam and scams.
It is so easy to get lost on this web 2.0, it's scary. It is an absolutely unreal world, which seems to feed on desperation of very disconnected people. And the more they spend time on those sites, the more they get disconnected from the real world.
But it is addictive, very much like television.
I just realized that I spent this most wonderful sunny day, capped with very rare New York snow, in doors in front of my laptop.
Usually, on days like this, I would be out sledding, making snowmen, revisiting my childhood...
What a sad, sad waste of my precious life moments...

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