Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am interrupting my Sun Signs Saga because I've witnessed the weirdest thing today and I want to tell the world about it:
I was riding downtown A train during the morning rush hour today. So was one homeless black dude, who peacefully slept on the bench by the door. On 125th St., a young black lady came into the car. She was tastefully dolled up, looking like a white collar professional.
There were scarcely any seats left, so she came over to the bench of the homeless guy, and began to yell at him to take off his feet off the bench.
A white girl next to me gasped in amazement, and I giggled.
As if that was not crazy enough, that black lady, getting no response from the homeless guy, spit in his face.
Now everyone gasped.
Then she sat down on a bench on the other side of the door.
The homeless guy sat up:"You spit on my face, bitch!"
"If I was a bitch", she said,"I would really spit on you".
Then they had a staring contest all the way to the 59th St. stop.
That was not easy for neither of them, since the benches were on the same side of the car, with the door in between. They had to throw their bodies way forward leaning on one side. Let me tell you, this would be a difficult position even for yogi. They did it for at least 10 minutes!
At 59th st., as people began to leave, another well-dressed black lady came over to the crazy gal and said something to her before exiting.
An announcement came that our train is being held at the station.
Then that lady came back with a conductor. The homeless guy got up and left.
"He left the train!", said conductor into his walkie-talkie, and we were on our merry way to work...
No one said a word, and I kept on wondering - is it just me, or the wrong person was thrown off the train?...

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Ginger said...

I agree. I think the wrong person was escorted off the train.

SHE assualted HIM. It shouldn't matter whether he was homeless or not.

It's a sad world we live in.