Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sun Signs Saga, Last Chapter

Back to Sun Signs!
This is an interesting sign, since the Sun is in the fall here. Aquarius is located on the opposite side of the Zodiac from the Sun's home sign, Leo. Its energies are too weak to influence self-identity of people born under Aquarius stars.
So Uranus, the lord of Aquarius takes over, infusing the natives with its energies of "Rebel without the cause".
While the natives don't quite know what they are and what they want (Aquarius is a very detached energy, made of air (mental, detached) and Uranian energies (mental, detached, electric and shock oriented), the natives certainly don't want your advice! They are quite contrary creatures, who crave the unexpected. So life supplies them with plenty of shocks (Uranus) to keep the roller-caster they call life going.
PISCES:This sign is also difficult for self-identity, because it is made of water (receptive, sensitive, responsive) and Neptunian energies.
Neptune fleshes out our archetypal idea of Oneness, which in real life translates as the need to escape reality. It is the planet of psychics and drug-addicts, as well as that of magicians, seamen and musicians. If we cannot escape the square reality through drugs or paranormal activities, Neptune gives us "pink glasses" to live in a self-created delusion. This is the energy that colors Pisces.
Mutable mode gives Pisces 2 poles, so Pisces Sun signs do bounce back to reality from time to time.
Nonetheless, they live in completely different universe from the other sun signs.
Their self-identity is made of other people's needs and expectations. By psychicly feeling other people's desires, Pisces substitute those for their own.
When they bounce back to reality and realize the switch, they get resentful and weepy, feeling victimized and blaming their loved ones for abusing their sweet compassionate selves.
It takes the whole lot of self-awareness for Pisces to stop victimization routine.
However, once they do so, their actual closeness to Oneness can take them to such spiritual heights that other Sun signs can only dream about.

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